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The most common cause of fatigue is adrenal exhaustion also known as adrenal burnout. This means that overtime, due to long-term stress, your cortisol levels become depleted. Even if the stress was in the past, you could still be suffering from exhausted adrenal glands now. If you are currently under any kind of stress, your adrenals could be burnt out. Emotional stress like the death of a loved one, work, or financial related stress can add up overtime and deplete your adrenals causing adrenal burnout. The stress of raising children is often a significant source of stress for women and can be the time when the adrenal glands start the burn out process and fatigue occurs as a result. If you experience long term fatigue, Dr. Cason can test and correct your cortisol levels with an adrenal stress test to help bring your energy levels back to normal.

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